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For the librotraficantes and all who love books
Selected poems of Ángel González -- translator's tribute to a great Spanish poet
“We feel the pull of yearning... elegiac grief... inscribed in this raptor’s nest of memory.”
--Cecile Piñeda, author of Love Queen of the Amazon
“Mares proposes not a myth of bloodletting, but one of survival in love and goodness.”
These poems are a lamentation and a tribute to the Río Grande that flows from snow-capped mountains to the sea, and whose fidelity, in spite of poisonous threat, endures. Renny Golden -- from the Introduction
Social science, history, memoir
This work deals with community organization via networks from the local to the global level.

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Saying Goodbye to Tony... By Vered Mares, Tony's daughter

February 2, 2015

Ernest Anthony (Tony) Mares died January 30, at the age of 76, after complications from idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. He was born May 17, 1938, in Albuquerque, into a family steeped in the rich history of New Mexico and the desert Southwest.
He is survived by his wife, Carolyn Meyer; his son Ernesto Mares, daughter Vered Mares, daughter Maria (more…)

Bienvenidos otra vez. Welcome. Van a encontrar mucho en español y en inglés s aquí.

February 13, 2012

Tags: Words of welcome and welcome back.

Les convido a una discusión de la poesía. Puede ser en español o inglés. Hay tantos buenos poetas hoy día por dondequiera. A ver si p;odemos compartir nuestro entendimiento de esta onda literaria. Good poets abound today. Let's see if we can generate a discussion of poetry here. (more…)

El pícaro: ciertas consideraciones

January 22, 2010

Tags: Para la clase de literatura picaresca y para todos los lectores

Varias consideraciones tocando al pícaro:

1. El ambiente social: sin las agudas diferencias y desacuerdos sociales no existiera el pícaro.

2. Aunque algunos, como el distinguido médico y escritor, Gregorio Marañon, creen que la novela picaresca hace daño a la sociedad, a mí se me hace que hay que ver la (more…)


January 11, 2010

Tags: New Course at the Instituto Cervantes, Albuquerque, NM

This is a discussion course (in Spanish) I am directing from January 14 through March 17, 2010 at the Cervantes Institute in Albuquerque. Although the course is in Spanish, there are translations into English of some of these works and you, as writers or persons interested in literature, might enjoy reading them. So, for your reading pleasure, I recommend the (more…)

For openers

August 4, 2009

Tags: poetry, community, life circumstances

For openers, here is a space where English and Spanish will live comfortably side by side. If you are monolingual in English, don't worry, skip the Spanish posts, or if you are intrigued, try to figure them out. Same goes for persons monolingual in Spanish. Try the English. It won't hurt you. This is a postmodern world so let's enjoy it and not get hung up in local, regional and linguistic differences.

My most recent book, "Resolana," co-authored with Miguel Montiel and Tomás Atencio, is concerned with families and communities trying to live with dignity in a globalized world where goods are more important than people. It isn't a book of poems or about poetry, yet, in a sense, "Resolana" is related to poetry because (more…)